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SWE designs and assembles high reliability, customer-specific battery packs and chargers. SWE is the leader in design and production of custom battery packs, battery chargers, solar renewable energy, and electro-mechanical assemblies for OEM, EOEM and MRO customers.

We partner with you to unleash your power to outdistance the competition.

. Solar Renewable Energy
. Oilfield Services
. Military
. Geophysical/Seismic
. Marine
. Medical
. Pipeline Inspections
. Remote Monitoring & Process Control
. Telecommunications
. Homeland Security/Law Enforcement



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SWE named to Top 100 emerging technology companies in Marine Technology Reporter

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SouthWest Electronic Energy Corp

Lithium Ion custom design battery packs
High-temp downhole battery packs for MWD, LWD
and gauge applications
Pure lead, lead carbon and gel NiCD, NiMH, Alkaline Custom solar charging applications Contract Manufacturing

Custom Li-Ion chargers and standard chargers for
all electrochemistries