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The official SWE Drill-Data™ battery gauge records extensive battery tool load and environmental operating conditions. It is a low-power shock and vibration gauge that records and reports tool load current, voltage, temperature, and capacity utilization, with a periodic log of one second, when active. It also records and reports a high-G triaxial log of peak axial and lateral shock, as well as RMS vibration. No reader box is required to download the data, which happens in minutes after your run, when connected to your computer via USB. The SWE-provided Drill-Data Observer® Graphical User Interface application provides data reporting with both timeline display graphs and spreadsheet-based output of the recorded data.

The special “Quick Look” feature provides the most significant battery operation conditions information from the prior run immediately after the battery is hooked up to the computer and the gauge data is downloaded. It facilitates fast decision making with the critical data immediately being summarized.

SWE Drill-Data™

· Detects extreme shocks that damage tools

· Finds conditions that exceed spec

· Low power consumption extends battery life

· Precise reports optimized for two users:

    · Field Operator: “Quick Look”

    · Engineer/Tech: Time line graphs for deeper investigations

· Integrates into existing MWD/LWD lithium battery packs (D, DD, DDD)







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