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Battery Chargers

Battery Chargers for SeaSafe Battery Systems or single Li Ion Battery Packs

SWE offers two options to meet your battery charger requirments:

First option is to use "Off the Shelf: Constant Current/Contstant Voltage (CC/CV) DC Power Supplies with refernece documentation to allow you to set to these to the proper current limts and voltage limits to reliably charge your SWE Lithium Ion battery.   This is the typical solution offered to charge SWE SeaSafe II or SeaSafe Direct battery modules or battery system.  This offers the flexibility to match you custom battery system voltage and preferred charging configuration with an appropriate charger, be it desktop or rack mount.

Second option, typically for smaller single unit use SWE Custom Li Ion batteries,  SWE can design and offer a custom SWE Lihtium Ion Battery Charger to match specifically your SWE custom battery.   Below is an example datasheet for a SWE 16.8V Lion Ion Battery Charger.


SWE Li Ion Battery Charger

WIth either approach, SWE will facilitate proper battery charger specifications to provide for a safe, reliable, and efficient charge of your SWE Li Ion Battery or SeaSafeII / SeaSafe Direct Battery System. 

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