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Welcome to SWE SeaSafe subsea battery information!



SWE SeaSafeII® and SWE SeaSafe Direct® Smart Subsea Battery Modules are designed to be autonomous (self-sufficient), easy to use battery system building blocks specifically developed for subsea vehicles, oceanographic systems, and deep-sea oil and gas infrastructure. Each module consists of pressure tolerant, high performance Li-Polymer cells, a SWE Battery Management System (BMS) with patented safety protection and current path boosters, a thermally potted enclosure, and connectors for power and communications. The modules have a proven record of delivering longer life and longer missions than lead acid batteries (Up to 4x more energy, 6x more available energy at colder temperatures typical of the seabed, and 8x longer cycle life) and pressure tolerance to 6000 meters ocean depth.

The SWE SeaSafe® modules are designed as building blocks to connect in series and/or parallel, as needed, to create the desired voltage, capacity, and maximum current requirements of the desired battery system. Series connections increase the battery system voltage in increments of the module voltage outputs; parallel connections increase the battery capacity in increments of the module designed capacity and maximum current output in blocks of the maximum current rating of the modules. While the SWE SeaSafeII® modules require containment within a Pressure-Balanced Oil-Filled (PBOF) enclosure, the SWE SeaSafe Direct® modules can be directly immersed in seawater. Both modules are pressure tested to an operational depth of up to 6000m.
When SWE SeaSafe® battery modules are connected in a series string, many autonomous safety features are redundant, thus increasing reliability. For example, if one string of two series-connected modules is accidently shorted, both modules are monitoring the shorting current and there are two opportunities for the short to be autonomously interrupted. Also, there is no centralized battery management system required for battery system operation, eliminating a single point of failure in and increasing the overall reliability and safety of the battery system.

SWE SeaSafe® battery modules are capable of being both charged and discharged simultaneously, either stand-alone or in string configurations.
Communications with each battery module is available via RS-485 Modbus for useful status, state of health, configuration support, and other condition-based monitoring information. This communication is intended to keep you aware of helpful system information but is not required for the batteries to automatically and safely operate in a configured battery system.
All SWE SeaSafe® battery modules are UNDOT tested and have also received certification from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Type Approval – Product Design Assessment (PDA); Certificate Number 17-HS1687100-PDA.

Please click on the SeaSafe Direct or SeaSafe II battery logo below for videos and more detailed information: