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SWE Battery Safety Awareness

Southwest Electronic Energy is excited to offer the opportunity to host a SWE Battery Safety Awareness seminar presented at your facility, or to visit and tour our facility in Missouri City, Texas for a speaker-lead presentation, or to view the SWE Battery Safety Awareness video.

There are inherent risks in the handling of battery packs made with primary lithium cells. SWE's Battery Safety Awareness seminar provides helpful information on the safe handling of primary lithium.

SWE packs are marked with the Warning: "Lithium battery, fire, explosion and severe burn hazard. Do not short circuit, charge, force over discharge, disassemble, crush, penetrate, incinerate or heat above 150 C (302 F), or the battery may leak or explode". However, knowing what to look for and how to react is also important. An informed workforce is a safe workforce.


Company acknowledges and agrees that SWE makes no representations or warranties regarding the safety video or its battery packs, including their fitness for any particular purpose. SWE specifically disclaims all warranties as to its battery packs.


In exchange for good and valuable consideration, including but not limited to the battery packs, and expressly acknowledging the adequacy of that consideration, Company releases, waives, and discharges SWE of any and all liability arising from or associated with the purchase, sale,  or use of the SWE battery packs, the safety video and seminar. This release expressly includes Company’s release of any claims under any theory of negligence, including SWE’s own negligence, and any claims for breach of warranty, strict liability, or failure to warn by SWE.

Topics Presented in seminar and video

Basic Lithium Safety                 Venting/Leaking Pack                 Event Downhole
Types of Battery Damage Danger   Pack Stuck in Barrel/Tool   Do’s and Don’ts for Pack Stuck in Tool
Overheating Pack   Lithium Reaction   Plan for Warnings Others
Overheating Pack   Detecting Overheated Packs   Emergency Response
Blown Fuse Pack   Personnel Actions   Safety Equipment
Dropped Pack   Hazmat Responders   Thionyl Chloride Effects
Shock and Vibration   Causes of Shock   Clean Up
Crushed Cells Pack   Crushed Batteries   Packing Damage Batteries for Shipping










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