SWE and our parent company, Ultralife Corporation, specialize in manufacturing battery solutions for powered carts.



Our hot-swappable and embeddable cart battery packs typically utilize Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery cells available from our cell supplier partners.  LiFePO4 battery packs are often used as a replacement for sealed lead acid (SLA), offering advantages such as lower weight, higher energy, longer life, electronic protection and safety certification.  They can also be mounted in any direction and do not require any physical maintenance.

This is advantageous in a hospital environment where the wealth of electronic devices means there is not much space around the patient's bedside to accomodate a medical cart.  Therefore, reducing the size of powered carts is a key consideration and something that LiFePO4 batteries can help with.

SWE and Ultralife's manufacturing facilities, in the USA, are both certified to ISO 13485 Quality Management for Medical Devices.











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