X5-LITE USB-C & USB-A Battery CradleX5-LITE: USB-C & USB-A Battery Cradle

Pole/mobile carts sometimes support laptops, tablets/iPads or instruments that only require USB-C or USB-A power and not 120VAC power. Therefore, Ultralife has created the X5-LITE, as an alternative to the X5 Power System.

In the place where the power system would be mounted to the cart (or in other locations if required), the specially-designed X5-LITE cradle is mounted instead. The electronic devices (e.g. laptops) are connected to the cradle using easy-to-access USB-C and USB-A ports. When the X5 Hot-Swappable Battery is inserted into the cradle, X5-LITE will use it to power connected devices.

X5-LITE’s X5 Hot-Swappable Battery can be charged using the X5 Smart Battery Charger. Unlock the battery from the cradle using the release latch (can be done using a single hand) and replace it with a fully charged battery. X5-LITE can also charge the X5 Hot-Swappable Battery via. the mains using a plug connected to the USB-C port.


      • An alternative to the X5 Power System to power portable devices on pole or mobile carts
      • Attach to pole cart or mobile cart
      •   □ Sturdy, slender aluminum bracket permits various mounting locations
      • Easily power USB-C and/or USB-A compatible laptop PCs, tablets/iPads, instruments and monitors, using the X5 Hot-Swappable Battery
      •   □ Cradle (compatible with X5 Hot-Swappable Battery) with USB-C and USB-A connectors
      • Quickly insert or remove the X5 Hot-Swappable Battery for recharge
      •   □ Battery receptacle with 15 degrees of tilt flexibility   
          □ Durable battery locking latch with single handed release
      • Optionally, charge the companion X5 Hot-Swappable Battery via. AC mains using the USB-C charge port

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