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  • Be the market leader in the primary lithium and lithium-ion specialty batteries.
  • Be a leader in lithium-ion battery management system (BMS) technology and licensing to the general battery manufacturing market.


  • Provide the highest level of service, quality products, and reliability in the specialty primary and secondary battery markets.


  • Empowering people to use their innate strengths and talents to perpetuate a culture of honor and mutual respect.
  • Motivated people committed to excellence in their work.
  • Encourage people to the ongoing development of skills.
  • Partnering with customers and vendors to maximize the mission of providing service, quality, and reliability.
  • Dependence on God’s present grace for adventure, discovery and directions.


  • Be attentive to new technologies and opportunities such as electronic energy, patents, and secondary power.
  • Maintain the profitability and proficiency of SWE’s operations.
  • Find and develop talented employees, individually and as a team, and reward performance.
  • Develop teamwork and credibility.
  • Provide, develop and maintain the next generation of leadership of SWE.
  • Grow in being strategic.
  • Look beyond, anticipate, get beyond function, think entrepreneurial.
  • Be curious. Ask questions, act like a consultant.





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