We are committed to the safety of our customers

SWE emphasizes the importance of battery safety not only in our daily operations, but also in the daily operations of our customers.

We are always ready to provide safety information, product information and ongoing support.

Our safety awareness program includes:safety_seminar

    • Safety battery design consulting

    • On-site Lithium Battery safety seminars

    • Class 9 Hazardous Materials Lithium Battery shipping and transportation information

    • Safety Data Sheets for battery cells

    • Rig or workshop event emergency response telephone guidance

    • Lithium Battery Hazardous Material Used Battery Collection and Disposal Service


SWE offers Battery Safety and Technology Seminars to our customers. Seminars can be hosted at our facility or your location. These seminars include lithium battery technology, safe lithium battery use, and UN DOT compliant Hazmat Packaging and Shipping.

An exclusive SWE Safety Video can be requested to review at your convenience. There are inherent risks in the handling of battery packs made with primary lithium cells. SWE's Battery Safety Awareness seminar and video provide helpful information on the safe handling of primary lithium. 

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