Performance features reliability and safety

SWE's R&D team has developed a rugged and reliable battery system for wireless seismic applications leveraging unique safety features derived from years of our intensive research and downhole oil and gas battery experience.

Our Lithium-Ion batteries deliver longer life and longer data acquisition times between charge than sealed lead acid, with capabilities of up to:

• Four times (4X) more energy

• Six times (6X) more available energy at colder temperatures typical of the northern climates

• Eight times (8X) longer cycle life.

• Lithium-Ion does not outgas during charge.

We incorporate smart, automatic battery management in each battery module that is constantly watching, balancing, and preventing charging and discharging errors.

Our batteries provide health and status reporting on demand, providing a superior solution for wireless seismic applications:

• Up to 4 times longer between charges for the same size battery as SLA

• Up to ¼ the size and weight for the same operating time as SLA

• Less back pain and fewer trips for batteries.













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