Global leader in portable power solutions for the subsea and oil and gas industries, Ultralife Corporation, will bring its range of cutting-edge battery technologies to Subsea Expo, which takes place on 20-22 February 2024 at P&J Live in Aberdeen. The company will be on stand 94, highlighting the importance of choosing the right batteries for use underwater and in pipelines.

Subsea Expo 2024 provides an ideal platform for Ultralife to showcase the latest innovations from its nine locations across three continents, including manufacturing facilities in the oil state of Texas, USA and near the North Sea (UK). Representatives from both the Texas and UK facilities will be on stand 94 at the event.

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Chief amongst these innovations is the expanded product line of pre-engineered SeaSafe® subsea batteries from Southwest Electronic Energy (an Ultralife company). This includes the SeaSafe® Endurance (1ATM) smart battery module; a self-sufficient, easy-to-use battery system that is designed specifically to fit inside a pressure vessel. Its half cylinder shape fills half of a six-inch internal diameter vessel, leaving room for electronics to be placed in the other half of the tube. Alternatively, two batteries can be used back-to-back for applications that require increased power.

For deeper or more challenging applications, there are also two new SeaSafe® batteries that can be used direct-in-water. 40-amp and 20-amp (low profile) versions are now offered alongside the standard 10-amp SeaSafe® Direct battery, giving manufacturers and end-users more options to meet the varied power requirements of both ROVs and AUVs/UVs. The 40-amp SeaSafe® II will also continue to be available for those who require a larger battery system configuration that can be placed in an oil filled case.

In addition to subsea batteries, Ultralife will showcase its non-rechargeable Lithium Thionyl Chloride (LiSOCl2) battery packs for measurement while drilling (MWD), logging while drilling (LWD), directional drilling equipment, and pipeline inspection devices (PIGs). These batteries have the high level of energy density (size to power ratio) and heat resistance that is vital for these applications. Also on display will be a range of accessories that complement these oil and gas batteries. This includes smart gauges like the DrillDataII that provides reliable data on battery life and presents a trustworthy record of downhole conditions, which can be used to verify the tool’s own findings.

As well as learning more about these off-the-shelf solutions, visitors to the expo will be able to discuss bespoke subsea and oil and gas battery packs, designed to meet specific size, power, and weight requirements.

“Subsea Expo is a key platform for industry professionals to come together and explore the latest advancements in subsea and oil and gas technology,” said Robert Brown, Marketing Executive at Ultralife. “We’re dedicated to delivering reliable and high performance solutions that meet the power and temperature requirements of underwater and pipeline batteries — this is evidenced by the popularity of the SeaSafe® product line and our drilling and PIG batteries.”

Interested OEMs and engineers can get guidance on their subsea and oil and gas projects by meeting with Ultralife at Subsea Expo on 20-22 February 2024, and can register for a free ticket here.










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