Our Pipeline Inspection battery packs are ready for land, underwater and extreme environments

SWE designs battery packs and depassivation instrumentation for your unique inspection device on land or underwater. 

Our battery solution for your sophisticated instrumentation and analysis devices is available in a wide range of electro-chemistries for extreme environments.

SWE Pipeline Inspection Gauge (PIG) battery solutions are based on a new line of quality Lithium Sulfuryl Chloride cells available from our cell partners.

C, D, & DD high rate, high capacity cells

  • High Voltage (3.91 V OCV and 3.5 V CCV typical per cell)
  • Higher capacity DD (up to 32 Ah) and up to 20% more watt hours
  • Broader operating temperature range (-20 °C cold temp to +100 °C high temp)
  • Shock and Vibration certified cells
  • Mechanical pack robustness via engineered pack design and polyurethane potting
  • Electrical pack robustness via quality tab welds, diodes, and connectors


Lithium Sulfuryl Chloride DD cell specifications

Nominal voltage (at 25 °C)                       3.9 V

Rated discharge current                   1,000 mA

Rated capacity                                          30 Ah

Maximum continuous current                4.0 A

Cell weight                                           210 ± 1 g

Cell diameter                                       33.5 mm

Cell length/height                             111.6 mm

Safety fuse                                                     7 A

Operating temperature range    -20 °~100 °C



Optional Support Gauges


Under Voltage Lock Out (UVLO) circuit 

  • Monitors the discharge voltage of the PIG battery pack.
  • Cuts off and locks out the battery discharge from the tool to keep the battery pack voltage safe and above 2 V per cell. 
  • Recommended for battery pack when a low voltage cutoff is not already incorporated into the PIG tool.



Battery Pack Fuel Gauge

  • Tracks Ah consumed in the battery
  • Once removed from tool or before next tool run, reports capacity consumed
  • Allows more efficient utilization of the battery pack
  • Parallel string continuity testing confirms all strings are connected in the pack












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