Subsea Vehicles

Reliable, longer lasting battery power has industry advantages

Our R&D team successfully tackled the subsea industry’s challenge to find advanced battery management options.

Rigorous testing proves our SeaSafe® Lithium-Ion batteries deliver longer life and longer missions than lead acid:

  • Four times more energy
  • Six times more available energy at colder temperatures found in the seabed
  • Eight times longer cycle life, leading to longer missions
  • 6000 meters deep pressure tolerance


Our SeaSafe Lithium-Ion is as safe as lead acid batteries and more reliable:

  • Lithium-Ion does not outgas during charge. SLA does.
  • SWE uses smart, automatic, autonomous battery management in each battery module that is constantly watching, balancing, and preventing charging and discharging errors.  SLA does not.
  • SWE SeaSafe provides health and status reporting on demand. Most SLA batteries lead to guesswork.


Superior solutions for subsea applications include:

  • Longer operating life for deep-sea oil and gas infrastructure electronics and lights, and high voltage, high power for electric motors to backup hydraulics
  • Lighter weight and local instant electric power for ROVs
  • Deeper divers and longer missions for AUVs











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