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Systems Engineer



Systems Engineer

Develops power and energy products & sub-systems that typically function within larger hardware and software systems. Collaborates and communicates effectively with Marketing and external customers to obtain customer requirements and define energy systems and sub-systems that meet external and internal customer requirements. Collaborates and communicates effectively to coordinate the actions of team members, various departments, and staff with different skill sets during the Product Development Process. Must have project management skills, decision-making ability, leadership, and organizational skills. Provides assistance to team members at all stages. Assures the product development project/program is completed according to plan. Provides project status reports to team members and upper management.

Responsibilities to include:

  • Generation of detailed product requirements definition and product development plan in coordination with Marketing and customer inputs. Product Plan must include costs and schedules based on product functionality options that may be prioritized and phased. Product Plan must include detailed product validation tests to verify developed product functionality meets requirements. Product requirements must include manufacturability within SWE Manufacturing System.
  • Providing budgetary or firm quotes for products developed using SWE quoting system.
  • Performing detailed mechanical and electrical/electronic Hardware & Software design individually, in a team, and/or as at team leader as required to fulfill design activity associated with the product development plan. Design activity includes design validation according to product development plan.
  • Coordinating product development activity with various departments: Sales/Mktg, R&D, Eng., Manufacturing, external contractors, and others as needed, to ensure various responsibilities are being met according to a scheduled timeline.
  • Maintaining regular / on-going communication on product development status with the various participants in the product development process.
  • When required, interacting directly with the customer as part of the ongoing development regarding specifications, technical issues, validation testing, and training;
  • Managing timeline expectations, schedules and commitments for projects to ensure deadlines are met and that problems are resolved. Communicating the effect of problem resolution on system function, development schedule, product development costs, and product costs.
  • Evaluating and identifying all equipment, materials, and other resources required for physical completion of the product development plan.
  • Working with manufacturing as needed to construct product prototypes and pre-production units and identify and/or help develop capital equipment required to manufacture and test the released product in production volumes.
  • Capturing product development and commercialization plan within SWE’s Product Life Cycle Management System.
  • Attending and potentially presenting at various technical conferences.

Preferred Qualifications 


 -Bachelors Degree in Engineering required. Post graduate education desired. 5+ years product design/development

Skills and Abilities:

 -Able to meet deadlines - direct, delegate, and follow up

- Ability to design, develop, and architecture Systems that incorporate Electrical/electronic analog, digital, & power hardware; Battery energy; Software; Communications buses; and Mechanical housings

-Effective interpersonal communication skills

-Team building and Team Leading skills

-Self directed initiative

-Confident decision making ability

-Enjoys challenges

-Effective writing communication skills

-Effective presentation communication skills












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