SWE SeaSafe® Autonomous, Smart Battery Modules

  • Easy to use battery building blocks
  • 29V or 24V, 28Ah size modules
  • Increment in series (V) or Parallel (Ah)
  • Charges with standard power supply
  • Configurable state of charge
  • SWE patented safety protection, smart battery management system

SWE SeaSafe® Smart Battery Module Specifications      

 SWE SeaSafes

Higher Performance

  • 4X Longer Mission Run Time
  • 6X Longer Battery Life Time
  • 100% Condition Based Monitoring


Lower Risk

  • ABS Certified & 2nd Generation Learned
  • 6000 M Pressure Tolerant Tested
  • Safety Tested and Patented


Ease of Use

  • No Pressure Vessel Required
  • Direct in Water Viable
  • Simple battery Sizing & Operation
  • Series String for Voltage
  • Parallel String for Capacity & Power
Diode ORing

SWE SeaSafe® Diode OR-ing Module

The SWE SeaSafe® Diode OR-ing Module(s) provides an easy, pre-engineered method to electrically parallel connect strings of SWE SeaSafe Battery Modules into a SeaSafe Battery System.
  • Parallel connects module strings into a battery system
  • Parallel integrates module string outputs into a single discharge bus
  • Enables increased current and capacity with SeaSafe Battery Modules
  • Electrically Isolates module string charge inputs into isolated charge busses
  • Provides additional battery safety, reliability, and potential for faster charge time
  • Pressure-tolerant in an oil-filled, pressure-equalized case to depths up to 6000 meters
  • Fits in oil-filled, pressure-balanced cases with SeaSafe Modules or into a 1-Atm pressure vessel
  • Supports High Voltage – up to 1000 V Battery System
 Observer GUI


SWE SeaSafe® Observer Support Software

  • Easy to read Graphical User Interface
  • Voltage
  • Capacity
  • Current
  • Temperature
  • Status, State of Health














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