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SWE SeaSafe Autonomous Smart Battery

SWE SeaSafe® Autonomous, Smart Battery Modules      

  • Easy to use subsea battery building blocks
  • 29V or 24V, 28Ah size modules
  • Increment in series (V) or Parallel (Ah)
  • Pressure tolerant to 6000m depth
  • Charges with standard power supply
  • Configurable state of charge
  • SWE patented safety protection, Pow-R BMS®

SWE SeaSafe® Smart Battery Module Specifications      

SWE SeaSafe® Parallel Intergrator Isolator (PII)

SWE SeaSafe® Pressure Equalizing Battery Case

  • Holds four Smart Battery Modules
  • Systems configured-to-order V/Ah
  • Up to 130V/112Ah max
  • Stack systems for more V/Ah
  • Pressure Tolerant to 6000m depth
  • Built Rugged:
  • 316 stainless steel
  • SEACON WET-CON connectors

SWE SeaSafe® Parallel Integrator Isolator (PII)

  • Parallel connects module strings into a battery system
  • Integrates string outputs: single discharge bus 
    • increased current and capacity
  • Isolates string inputs Isolated charge busses
    • Battery safety, reliability, and faster charge time
    • Pressure tolerant; fits in SeaSafe Case with Modules
    • High Voltage (Up to 460 V) or low Voltage (36 V)
 SeSafe Observer

SWE SeaSafe® Observer Support Software

  • Easy to read gauges
    • Voltage
    • Capacity
    • Current
    • Temperature
    • Status









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